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Stacy and Nathan Hamilton

Stacy and Nathan Hamilton

“It’s perfect for us,” she said, her eyes twinkling.

“No, it’s not,” he replied, trying to convince himself.

When Stacy Hamilton brought the idea of buying the historic Baker House to her husband, Nathan Hamilton, in the Summer of 2018, he needed a little convincing. The home had sat on the market for a few years, vacant. If it was so perfect why hadn’t anyone else jumped on the opportunity? Stacy had an answer. The home was being marketed to business developers who didn’t have a clue what to do with an 1886 Victorian mansion on the National Register of Historic Places.

But Stacy did. 

Stacy Hamilton, as a successful real estate agent with a specialization and passion in historic properties, understood the business and economics of older homes and the people that love those properties. With a team of marketers and contractors already established with her real estate profession and a network of experts from her work with Preserve Arkansas and the Quapaw Quarter Association, Stacy was confident she could restore The Baker House into the beautiful, contributing centerpiece of the thriving, historic Argenta neighborhood it deserved to be.

Nathan Hamilton, as Director of Communications for the Mayor of North Little Rock, had been telling anyone who would listen about the transformation happening in North Little Rock’s downtown. Argenta was hitting that critical point where two decades of planning, hard work, and dedication from the neighbors was paying off big. He kept telling the press, the public and the social media hordes that great things were happening in North Little Rock and it was the perfect time to consider investing in downtown.

He didn’t realize his wife was listening.

It took a lot of hard work on lunch breaks and weekends. The Hamilton’s two children, Calvin (5) and Ellis (2), know every corner of the house and considered The Baker their personal playground during the six-month restoration. Friends and family contributions to the project were critical.

So, in the end, a good idea won out. They came up with a new concept (to them). A boutique inn – the self-sufficiency and privacy of an Airbnb with the service and amenities of a hotel. A clean, fresh, comfortable, interior with special care to restore and maintain the history of the beautiful home.

The Hamiltons are thrilled to share their love of North Little Rock and fun southern hospitality with their guests. Stacy was right – it was perfect for them.